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Calling all Authors! We are looking for established AND emerging authors to submit a 1000-word chapter in our Healing My Sisters 4th Annual Anthology.
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How can women turn trauma into triumph meaning and turn pain into purpose? How can your chapter help women reclaim their lives?
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A SPECIAL EDITION will be produced for EACH Co-Author. As a Co-Author, YOUR NAME and YOUR PHOTO will be on the cover with JJ Conway as co-author. You'll receive 10 copies of this special edition print, with the opportunity to order more at author discounted pricing.
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By submitting this application, I agree that the author compensation is $0. The main edition of the book on Amazon will list JJ Conway as the author. You will be listed as a contributor, not co-author, unless you choose to upgrade to a co-author ($497). Each author may sell personal copies of their book on their own platforms, but JJ Conway retains the right to sell via Amazon. The only exception to this are those who upgrade to Co-Author and will receive a personalized edition of the book. Each author will be provided a personalized affiliate link (via Teachable) that allows them to invite others to the Conference via email lists and/or social media. Each author will earn 50% commission on ticket upgrades that come through their personalized link. Payouts will only be made via PayPal and the author's PayPal email address MUST be added to their Teachable affiliate profile, and any sales that occur before the PayPal address is added will not be be registered to the speaker. This is beyond the control of JJ Conway and/or assigns. Each author will be given two (2) complimentary tickets to the next Reconnect with Myself Retreat (hotel and travel not included). There is no additional compensation.
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