Deadline: 25 September 2018

10:Queer is a collaborative platform initiative developed by Photo: to facilitate critical discussion and meaningful content production on queer social practice. Invited participants will include photographers and other professionals who operate within the field of queer practice in Southern Africa, today.

Photo: is looking for practicing photographers who identify as queer and/ or, who have a queer photography practice. Practitioners, who identify as queer and who operate within a queer framework outside of the field of photography, are also invited to apply.

Please note that participation in 10:Queer is free, should you be selected as one of the ten invited participants.

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10:Queer will be hosted at Photo: premises in Johannesburg. All participants will be expected to cover their own accommodation, transport and per diems. At this stage, the planned workshop period is six working days across three weeks, between October and November 2018.
Please submit 1-3 of your projects that you feel are relevant to your participation in 10:Queer with a short description for each. Please attach documentation and/or links. Send your project description and documentation/links to georgiam@phototool.co.za. Please also include the following information with your project description and check the boxes as you go.
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