EDC3 Science in Civilization: Course Overview Quiz 2021
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Learning Goals:
The purpose of this course is to evaluate historically significant scientific advancements and determine which could be considered breakthroughs, and to examine how breakthroughs in one area can lead to advancements in other areas.
Key Points:
When doing research keep these ideas in mind...

ask questions about the simplest ideas.
use your background knowledge in new ways.

learn from others.
recognize problems.
overcome problems with invention.
MythBuster host: Adam Savage
In the video “How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries” from TED Ed, Adam Savage tries to show us that...

the human brain is the best scientific instrument.
famous scientists are not so different from normal people.
anyone has the potential to change the world.
Video Preview: Part 1
When Richard Feynman was a young boy, he went for a walk with his father while pulling a wagon with a ball in it.

What scientific phenomenon did Richard Feynman and his father talk about? *
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