St Isidore's Freshman/New Student Retreat Sign-Up
St. Isidore's will be hosting a Welcome Retreat for all incoming Freshmen and New Students on Friday August 24th to Saturday August 25th. This is a great opportunity to make connections, explore your faith and see what St. Isidore's has to offer. It will be led by the Campus Minister, the Leadership Team and the FOCUS missionaries.

As Fr. Gale says "to be honest, it's more of a 'hey let's hang out with some pretty cool people' kind of thing than it is a retreat"

Let us double the attendance from last year and make it 250!!!

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Welcome Video
Sneak Peek of the Schedule
Friday Night

7:00 Check-in

7:30 Scavenger Hunt and Dinner (please bring money for dinner!)

9:30 Party at Izzy's


9:00 Check-in

11:15-1:00 Adoration and Lunch (will be provided)

3:00-4:45 Break (freshmen are welcome to go back to their dorms or hangout at Izzy's)

5:00 Mass

6:00 Dinner (will be provided)

7:00 Party

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