9th Grade AVID at RHS
RHS AVID 9 Information & Application
For incoming Rodriguez High School freshmen applying to the AVID 9 elective only.
You are an 8th grader planning to attend RHS in the fall of 2018.
*Incomplete applications will not be considered.*

This is an electronic application for the Rodriguez High School AVID 9 class. Thank you for participating in this first step to becoming an AVID program student. The purpose of the AVID application is to ensure that you qualify and that YOU WANT TO be in AVID. "AVID" stands for "Advancement Via Individual Determination". At RHS AVID, we not only want to see you succeed but we also want you to want to succeed. As the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.” We want to see you grow but you have to want to grow as a student as well.

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

The AVID elective is specifically designed to support students in rigorous college-prep, honors and AP classes. AVID prepares students for college and career success. Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading are at the core of our curriculum. AVID students have fun while working hard to prepare for college.

Learn more at the AVID.org website: http://www.avid.org/about.ashx

We look for students with a minimum 2.5 GPA (the reason we say 2.5 here at RHS is that almost everyone has a 2.0 or higher so we want to see you give a little more effort than most) and test scores ranging from average and above. We serve a variety of populations, including "first in family", economic need, single parent, English as second language, and groups historically underrepresented in colleges. We also consider special circumstances. Applications are processed with attention to each student's needs as well as their potential.

AVID students are expected to continually challenge themselves in school by taking honors and AP classes. With tutorial and organizational support, all AVID students will be prepared to successfully navigate and perform in our most challenging courses at Rodriguez High.

AVID IS NOT A REMEDIAL PROGRAM. Students whose skills are far below grade level in English or Math will not be placed in AVID. Students are encouraged to apply continuously apply for AVID throughout high school as it is a 4 year program that ends in hopefully you attending a college or university of your choice.

"I agree" questions. We would like for all members of the AVID community to be enthusiastic about investing in the elective's college-going spirit. The application process is one way to ensure that our incoming 9th grade class is goal-oriented and willing to work hard while having fun learning about college.

It is the student's responsibility to encourage parent participation where appropriate in this application. For parents & guardians, it is the student's responsibility to ensure a complete, authentic application is submitted. (In other words, do not fill out this application for your student it is extremely important that they fill it out themselves as we would like to see your students work and not yours. Thank You!)

Applications are CONFIDENTIAL to FSUSD staff who are helping to place your child in the appropriate classes for next year.
Anything you share in your application remains "in house" and very private.
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