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ATD San Diego Volunteer Ethics Policy
The ATD San Diego Board of Directors has adopted an Ethics Policy to establish expectations of ATD San Diego’s Chapter Volunteers.

Persons Covered
This Ethics Policy covers all members who volunteer for ATD San Diego (Covered Persons), excluding Board of Directors, Chapter Coordinators, and Committee Chairpersons, who are covered under a separate policy.

Governing Principle
ATD San Diego’s business objectives can be achieved only by following the highest ethical standards and complying with all the laws and regulations that pertain to its operations. Each Board member will be responsible for ensuring that Covered Persons are familiar with the laws, regulations, and corporate standards of business conduct that govern their areas of responsibility, and that they fully comply with those external and internal requirements. Any lapses in compliance must be reported to the Board of Directors.

Membership Requirement
All ATD San Diego volunteers/Covered Persons must be current ATD San Diego Chapter members in good standing.

Conflict of Interest
No Covered Person may have a personal or financial interest that could in any way prevent his/her area of responsibility from acting in the best interests of the organization. All Covered Persons must be sensitive to appearances of conflicts of interest as well as to actual or potential conflicts of interest. Actual or potential conflicts of interest can take many forms including but not limited to the following examples: speaking at Chapter events as a way to promote personal businesses, receiving free admission to events for any reason other than to promote ATD, and receipt of improper personal benefits.All actual or potential conflicts of interest must be reported to the Director responsible for the Covered Person.

Business Opportunities
Business opportunities presented to the ATD San Diego chapter belong to the Chapter and may not be used by Covered Persons for personal gain unless first offered to the Chapter and rejected by it. Financial Integrity The Chapter shall maintain its books and records at all times consistent with the requirements of generally accepted accounting principles. All Covered Persons shall undertake to ensure that the Chapter’s records fairly and accurately reflect its transactions and its assets.

Organizational Values
The Chapter expects all members to uphold the organization’s values. Because volunteering means having close contact with members, Covered Persons shall demonstrate these values in their Chapter work. Of utmost importance is displaying integrity, committing to the highest level of honesty and transparency; being good stewards of our chapter resources and treating each other as professional partners, embracing diversity, valuing the differences of our chapter members and encourage an inclusive and cooperative environment.

Inside Information/Privacy
Chapter Members’ non-public personal information (such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers) that may be considered material to the Chapter and others shall not be disclosed to other Chapter members and/or the public at any time. Covered Persons shall not disclose internal information to any other Covered Person except on a strict need-to-know basis.

Compliance Program Elements
Each member of the Board of Directors shall determine the significant compliance risks related to his/her area of responsibility and establish such practices and procedures as are necessary to adequately prevent and detect non-compliance. Board members are responsible for ensuring that reasonable steps will be taken to train Covered Persons regarding compliance standards and procedures. Each Covered Person will be responsible for adhering to the practices and procedures of his/her respective area. Appropriate action shall be taken against those Covered Persons who violate this policy.

Reporting Irregularities
Any Covered Person who becomes aware of a violation or potential violation of this policy must promptly report that information to a Director. Any member may submit information regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters to an Officer of the Chapter (President, President-Elect, CFO, and Secretary). Any retaliation or threatened retaliation against any Covered Person who reports a violation or suspected violation of this policy is strictly prohibited.

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