Giving Sum 2018 Member Application
Thank you so much for your interest in Giving Sum 2018! We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Role of a team MEMBER:
- Love Indianapolis and desire to make an impact with your time, talent, and treasure.
- Plan to attend at least 6-10 Giving Sum events throughout the year. We host at least one event per month and timing is typically Tuesday evenings or Saturday during the day. We are building a community of like-minded leaders focused on impact, and our community is not as strong if we don’t get to see you often!
- Commit financially to our grant ($317 for an individual member; $500 for couples).
- Commit to be an ambassador for our grant recipient and give your time or talents to that organization in a way that is meaningful for you.
- Refer at least one new possible Giving Sum member to us each year and make every effort to replace yourself if it is time for you to move on from membership.

Role of Team LEADER:
- Recruit 8-15 amazing people who love Indianapolis and want to make an impact with their time, talent and treasure.
- Lead approximately 4 meetings to discuss grants and other ideas related to Giving Sum in a smaller group setting. Meetings can be in your home, in a bar, at a park, in a conference room at your office, rotating through other team members’ homes, etc.
- With your team’s help, plan approximately 2 social events throughout the year to help your team to bond.
- Serve as the chief engagement motivator for your team. Keep your team involved and foster their leadership by helping them find ways to offer their talent and ideas to GS and our grant recipient.

Help us make a collective impact on Indy in 2018!
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If you are joining as a couple, please indicate the first and last name of your partner:
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If you are joining as a couple, please indicate the email address of your partner:
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If you are joining as a couple, please indicate the phone number of your partner:
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Are you able to commit to the role of Giving Sum Team Member for January-December 2018?
How do you want us to collect your payment?
Note: mailing a check is most cost-efficient for us as we don't have to pay any fees like we would for PayPal. If you're willing to go that route, pop that check in the mail now so you don't forget!
Have you been a Giving Sum member before?
Are you interested in being a Team Leader?
Note: if you indicate yes, you are not locked in. We will invite you to our Team Leader Info Session and introduce you to all the tools you need for the role.
Is there a specific team leader you are joining with?
Note: teams are small groups within Giving Sum that meet to discuss grant applications and to get to know other members on a more personal level. If you were recruited by a specific team leader, or if you know any of these people and would like to join their team, feel free to select a name - all teams are open! If you were not recruited by a specific team, that's great, too. You can learn more about the team leaders and join a team at the January kickoff event. Everyone is included in a team and we cannot wait to get to know you better!
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