The Somerville Community Member of the Year Award 2019
Outstanding achievement and contribution to our community is the basis of the award.
The Nominee must live, work or volunteer in Somerville.
In the case of a nomination of a group, then at least 50% of the group must be actively engaged in Somerville

The Community Member of the Year Award will be presented at our Somerville Family Day event on
Monday 11th March 2019

• The nomination must be on the official form (overleaf)
• Entries must be received by the Committee no later than 24th February 2019
• All nomination information and material will remain the property of the Somerville Family Day Committee
• The selection will be made on the basis of outstanding service to the community in any field chosen by the
Committee and no discussions will be entered into.

Please send your nomination to:
The Secretary
Somerville Family Day
Community Member of the Year Award
PO Box 612

1. Hand deliver to Obrien Real Estate, Somerville 3/1065 Frankston Flinders Road, Somerville – opposite Ritchies.
2. Complete the Donation Nomination Form found on
3. Email your Nomination to

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