Eagle Vision - Cast Application
You have shown interest in the Eagle Vision broadcast department at Horn Lake High School. Please follow the instructions below to complete the application process. You must also complete a short video for submission.
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Past & Current English Teacher: *
Tell us why you think you would be perfect for the Eagle Vision cast? *
Have you had any recent disciplinary issues at school? *
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You may go ahead and submit the online application and then email us your tryout video later. But remember to email the video before the deadline... we will not accept students to the program without the video portion.
Video Submission: We Want To See You!
Using a smartphone in selfie mode, please record a short video submission:

#1 State Your Name Clearly... First and Last
#2 Tell me why you are interested in being on the cast?
#3 What are your strengths? What could you bring to the program?
#4 What’s something you enjoy doing...
#5 MEMORIZE and recite the news bit at the bottom following your answers to the questions. (take your time, study and do this well!)

(re-state each question) example: Hi! My name is John Doe... I’d like to be a part of eagle vision because... I’m especially good at working with computers and I could help EVTV by building an APP. When I’m not at school I enjoy eating ice cream and playing Xbox... (then recite the news piece)
Welcome to Eagle Vision for Tuesday, February 6, 2020. I’m__________________and today’s top story heads to Washington where the FAA is making some big changes.

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered modifications on specific General Electric engines on some 787 Dreamliners because an icing problem could force those engines to shut down in flight.

(TIP! Make sure to recite the question “answers” and “news piece” with lot’s of enthusiasm. The judges are looking for excited acting cast members on camera)
Now email your video clip to HornLakeTV@gmail.com and make sure to put “TRYOUT VIDEO” in the subject bar. Visit Mr. Lewis with any questions or concerns, filming with your cell phone is fine, if you are unable to make the video for some reason drop by and let Mr. Lewis know!
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