Phase 2 Parent Acknowledgment Form
On Tuesday, October 6, Ventura County moved into the RED Tier on the State of California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy. As a result, CVUSD will continue providing Co-Curricular programs and activities and transition into Phase 2 of our safety protocols structure. Participation in the Co-Curricular program through CVUSD is voluntary and, as such, the following protocols are required for compliance.

Outdoor Activity
*Up to 50 individuals may gather for outdoor workouts.
*Students remain in pods fifty (50) students and multiple staff members; same group of students working out together through Phase 2 to limit overall exposure.

Indoor Activity
*Currently, indoor workouts are not permitted and will only be allowed if Ventura County Public Health (VCPH) permits. (When the indoor restrictions are relaxed, gyms will be limited to participants maintaining at least 12 feet apart with masks required).
*Weight room access for small groups of no more than 10 participants only if Ventura County permits as mentioned above.

Pool Use/Activity
*No more than 12 participants within a pod, with a maximum of 2 pods at a given time will be allowed to access the pool for workouts and activities.

*We are following the development of COVID-19 very closely, and in the interest of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, we ask that each student and family conduct a self-assessment at home prior to each scheduled practice. Temperature checks and symptom screenings must be conducted for all CVUSD staff and students prior to participating in a practice, workout, and/or gathering.
*A staff member assigned to the pod will be responsible for taking temperatures.
*Each staff member and student must have a temperature reading of 99.4 degrees or lower prior to participating in a practice, workout, rehearsal, and/or gathering.
*Symptom screening includes, but not limited to, asking about any symptoms and/or exposure to someone testing positive in the last 14 days.
*Symptoms include fever, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, cough, congestion or runny nose, headache, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea or sore throat. o Staff will not log individual temperatures. A log for staff members that indicates the wellness check was completed is required.
*The staff member assigned to the pod will communicate to head coach & site administration any student who does not meet the screening participation requirements (body temperature of 99.4 degrees or less).
*Students who fail to meet participation requirements as listed above must follow CVUSD protocols for an individual who is sick or has symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, or who has been exposed to someone who has tested positive of COVID-19.

*A Maximum number of 2 participants are allowed in a drill/activity involving a ball.
*Throwing or kicking a ball with a partner is permissible so long as the pair is consistent, not a group activity.
*If a ball is shared between a pair, the ball must be disinfected prior to another pair using the same item.
*Each participant (player, spirit leader, etc.) shall bring and use their own equipment only. Please note: current orders prohibit Band and Choir activities from taking place live and in-person.

*No sharing of water bottles, towels, or any other items.
*No locker room access.
*Bathrooms at the stadium and gym will be available for use. Cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms and other facilities will be conducted regularly.
*Hand-washing and hand sanitizer will be available during all practices.
*Face coverings for students are recommended during outdoor workouts; It is optional for students to wear a face-covering during heavy exertions.
*CVUSD staff are required to wear face coverings while screening students (temp checks) and during practices. *No spectators permitted.
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(TOHS parents need to type their name below to confirm acknowledgment of the protocols for "Phase 2", as well as any other "Phases", moving forward for the 2020-2021 school year). I have read and understood the 2020-2021 Athletic Conditioning and Activities Parent Acknowledgement Document. I affirm that I will screen my student-athlete as described above before daily participation in athletic conditioning and before my student goes to school to participate. I understand that in an effort to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission, we are required to follow County and State health department guidelines and that certain activities will need to be modified or restricted, as described above. I also understand and recognize that my student’s participation in the athletics program is strictly voluntary and participation is not required for graduation or part of the mandatory course work. As a parent, I agree with and will adhere to the protocols for "Phase 2", as well as any other "Phases", moving forward for the 2020-2021 school year. *
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