Exhibition Proposal
The Georgetown University Library Exhibitions Committee welcomes ideas for exhibitions that:

-- Showcase Booth Family Center for Special Collections (BFCSC) and Woodstock Theological Library (WTL) collections, as well as some independent collections that overlap or complement BFCSC and WTL research strengths;

-- Highlight Georgetown University's academic strengths and provide an opportunity to collaborate with faculty;

--Are innovative and contribute to deeper understanding and broader perspectives;

--Have broad appeal to diverse communities and inspire student engagement; and

--Attract and bring attention to the Library and its resources.

We mount exhibitions in the Booth Family Center for Special Collections on the fifth floor of the Library, which includes the Fairchild Gallery cases near the elevators, the Special Collections cases near the Murray Room, the Leon Robbin Music Gallery inside BFCSC reception, as well as the Stephen Richard Kerbs Exhibit Area on the third floor, and Woodstock Library exhibitions cases in the lower level. Exhibitions are typically mounted in summer, spring and fall semesters and are planned at least one year in advance.

Please review the Deadlines for Exhibition Planning at the end of this form to be aware of our process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Exhibition Chair LuLen Walker llw@georgetown.edu

To facilitate the Exhibitions Committee’s review process, please submit your proposal using this form. The Exhibitions Committee will review your application at its next monthly meeting and the Chair will get in touch with you within two weeks with a reply.

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