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Please take a moment to complete this ‘User INEE Laboratory Feedback’ and let us know how the INEE laboratory as performed and most importantly, what we can do to improve the level of INEE services/equipment/facilities in the future.

Any comments or recommendations are most welcome and greatly appreciated. Please be assured that your response will be held completely confidential. Thank you😊.
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Safety/Services/Equipment/Facilities of INEE Laboratory
Safety *
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Met some expectation
Met expectation
Expectation safety of INEE laboratory
Lab safety briefing are given and easy to understand
Lab safety features provided as stated in the briefing
Proper safety signage (Restricted area, emergency door,etc)
Lab equipment/area are properly labeled (Biohazard,Radioactive,Toxic,Noise,etc)
Equipment/Facilities *
Did not meet expectation
Met some expectation
Met expectation
Equipment/facilities provided are well-maintained
Equipment/facilities provided are well-callibrated
Easy to find equipment/chemical/apparatus
Arrangement of chemical substances/apparatus
Computer that connected with machine are well function
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Service Experience *
Did not meet expectation
Met some expectation
Met expectation
Easy lab booking
Very convenient access for advice and assistance
Convenient lounge for the user
Provide the result/finding is timely and meets our expectation
Technical competency and accuracy of information
Provides reliable and consistent service
Favorable rates for services/ equipment/ facilities.
Why choosing the INEE lab as your research lab? *
Overall satisfaction *
Would you use the INEE laboratory/unit again?
Would you recommend the INEE laboratory/unit to others?
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