Teatro Serpiente presents Gorilla Theater: original, live theater in 32 hours
WHAT: a 32-hour, start-to-finish, blank-paper-to-live-show theater festival.

WHEN: June 6, 2015

WHERE: Taos Mesa Brewing (www.taosmesabrewing.com)

TELL ME MORE: Local writers. Local actors. Local beer. It's the third annual Gorilla Theater Festival, bigger and better than ever before.

Writers are randomly assigned casts, props, and prompts at 9am Friday; actors receive brand-new scenes (3 - 5 minutes) or short one-acts (8 - 10 minutes) at 11am Saturday, and spend the day at Taos Mesa Brewing memorizing, blocking, and rehearsing.

At 7pm Saturday night, the whole thing hits the stage!

Performances will take place on Saturday, June 6th at 7:00 pm at Taos Mesa Brewing. For more details, visit www.teatroserpiente.com.

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Official Gorilla Theater 2015 Schedule:

Deadline to sign up!

9am: Writers gather at Elevation Coffee to receive detailed instructions, prompts, props, & cast lists.
7pm (optional): All participants gather at Taos Mesa Brewing to meet, greet, and beer.

9am: SCRIPTS DUE! Writers are officially off-duty.
11am: Acting troupes gather at Taos Mesa Brewing and spend the day rehearsing.
6pm: Official call time.

**Please Note: Actors must be aged 14 or older to participate. Any actors under 18 will need to present a signed approval form from their parents, as this show undoubtedly will contain adult themes and profanity.
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