Santouka Ramen Greenhills Order Form
We've missed you! We are finally ready to serve you with the best of š—¦š—”š—”š—§š—¢š—Øš—žš—” š—„š—”š— š—˜š—” in the comforts of your home.

To ensure absolute freshness, home-cooked packs by Santouka come in a limited production daily so orders will be taken on a first-order first-served basis.

š—Ŗš—®š—¹š—ø-š—¶š—»š˜€, š—¦š—²š—¹š—³-š—½š—¶š—°š—øš˜‚š—½ š—®š—»š—± š——š—²š—¹š—¶š˜ƒš—²š—暝˜† š˜ƒš—¶š—® šŸÆš—暝—± š—£š—®š—暝˜š˜† š—–š—¼š˜‚š—暝—¶š—²š—æ (c/o customer) are available from Monday to Sunday.

Store Hours : 10AM to 7PM

š—¢š—„š——š—˜š—„š—œš—”š—š š—£š—„š—¢š—–š—˜š——š—Øš—„š—˜

1. Kindly fill up the necessary details in this š—¼š—暝—±š—²š—æ š—³š—¼š—暝—ŗ

OR reach the following numbers:
Text/Viber: 0915-058-5083
Landline: 8-781-9704

2. We will send you an š—®š—°š—øš—»š—¼š˜„š—¹š—²š—±š—“š—²š—ŗš—²š—»š˜ š—ŗš—²š˜€š˜€š—®š—“š—² stating your:
ā€¢ Name
ā€¢ Order Summary
ā€¢ Total Amount for Payment
ā€¢ Payment Instructions
ā€¢ Where to send Proof of Payment

3. Send us a š—½š—暝—¼š—¼š—³ š—¼š—æ š˜€š—°š—暝—²š—²š—»š˜€š—µš—¼š˜ š—¼š—³ š˜†š—¼š˜‚š—æ š—½š—®š˜†š—ŗš—²š—»š˜ with your name and order number to the number that will be provided to you.

4. Please wait for our š—°š—¼š—»š—³š—¶š—暝—ŗš—®š˜š—¶š—¼š—» š—ŗš—²š˜€š˜€š—®š—“š—² containing the following information:
ā€¢ Pick-up or delivery details
ā€¢ Contact number in case of emergency
ā€¢ Other reminders
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