2019 Team Application #rbmodel
The first step in becoming part of the 2019 Team is to fill out this form - please make sure you answer all questions; I know this seems super annoying.....but my biz is all about creating relationships -- I get to know my models really well, so it's super important for me to have as much info about you up front as possible!  Don't stress about the answers - just answer these in your own voice - I want to know more about YOU :)   - xo, R
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Did you visit my site to see my work?  Make sure you think I'm a good fit for your senior photos :)
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What High School do you attend? *
How did you hear about me? *
WHY do you want to shoot with me? (as opposed to the 500 billion other "photographers" in our valley? *
If you could have any super power, what would it be? *
What qualities do you possess that would make you a GREAT spokesmodel for my studio? *
Are you willing to travel for your session?  (within a 2 hour radius) *
Are you interested in something more.... a DESTINATION session to another state?  {fees would apply and only a small amount of these may be offered; by saying yes, you are not obligated} *
What activities are you involved in, either in school or outside of school? *
Does your family take a summer vacation?  If so, do you know when? *
Have you ever visited a foreign country?  If so, how many and where?! *
What's your favorite food? *
How comfortable are you in front of a camera?  (selfies don't count!)  :) *
Describe, in no more than 2 sentences, your relationship with your parents *
Biggest pet peeve? *
Do you have siblings?  If so, how many and what are their ages? *
How does your family display photographs in the home? *
How many formal family portraits have you or your family - or both - have you taken in your lifetime?   *
Are you involved with ASB at school?  If so, in what way? *
Have you ever modeled? *
Do you WANT to model or act? *
What do you wanna be when you grow up? *
What kind of music makes you happiest? *
Are you prepared to share your photos with anyone and everyone, via social media or in person? *
Do you already have an idea of how you want the session to look?  What ideas do you have? *
What other sessions of mine have you loved?  Or drawn inspiration from?  (it's ok if you haven't - just answer IF this applies to you!)
Put the following words in the order that appeal the most to you (there is NO wrong answer!):  polished, clean, authentic, edgy, connection *
order them from 1 to 5, with #1 being your "favorite" word or the one that appeals to you the most.
Who is your best friend(s)? *
Are you available in late Feb/early March for a mini  pre-senior session shoot?  {local, probably studio shots - time TBA as soon as I get more details} *
What is your instagram handle? *
your actual handle is most helpful (@reneebowen)  Also....you can click here to follow me :)  http://instagram.com/reneebowen
Facebook page? *
go to your profile page and copy and paste the link:  https://www.facebook.com/renee.bowen -- feel free to friend me and like on FB:  http://www.facebook.com/reneebowenphotography
Twitter? *
either your handle or copy and paste the link:  @reneebowen or https://twitter.com/ReneeBowen
Tumbler?   *
copy and paste your url http://reneebowen.tumblr.com/
Snapchat? *
user name -- ie. purtywun (that's me -- go add me!  I share lots of bts stuff there and promos)  :D
Are you okay with me privately messaging you on these if you are chosen as a model? *
If chosen,are you prepared to follow me back on all these platforms? *
(if you did already, then YAY!!)
Are you willing to shoot more than one - possibly even 3-4 shoots with me as an #rbmodel?  (little extra shoots that you will not be charged for) *
Are you open to being submitted to a national magazine (images from one of your sessions) *
How ACTIVE are you on social media? *
How ACTIVE is YOUR MOM on social media? *
Are you okay being in a group chat with the model team? *
How happy are you that this form is almost OVER?! *
What is your fashion style?  (girls mainly)  What are your fave brands?  Stores?   *
How comfy are you with hair and makeup?  Are you willing to be adventurous if necessary?  :) *
Your mailing address *
What kind of cell phone do you have?  And are you okay receiving text messages from me about your session? *
Do you have parental consent to apply? *
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