Atypical? Ambitious? Honestly Human? This, is the key to CREATING YOUR OWN DREAMs.
Hi there! How are you?

It's Adriana, from! And I wanted to personally wish you an AMAZING NEW YEAR 2018!
Just like every other year, this new year 2018 comes with a lot of new opportunities for all of us!
And if you got here today; it means that You, I or someone else that you know, is convinced that you are an Atypical Ambitious Person... Thus, you probably started the year with a lot of awesome goals, projects and dreams that you'd like to achieve!
So this is why I would love to hear from you TODAY <3 In order to OFFER YOU A FREE STRATEGY SESSION TO DISCOVER YOUR DREAM and, eventually MAKE IT HAPPEN, in the next few weeks, through honest results with me!


H, Journey From Honesty to Peace - Journey from INJUSTICE to DREAM, and from DREAM to New DAILY REALITY...
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Let's take a trip... from honesty to peace... from dream to new social norm...
1st STOP : Honestly Expressing Your Dream is the First Step to Realizing It!
#WhatIsYOURDream ?
I am convinced - or someone you know is - that you are an Atypical Ambitious Person like me, with a crazy, big, and maybe still unclear Dream that would bring more Peace to yourself and all the people around you.

And because you might as well be tired of beautiful but meaningless words about change, I would like to HEAR FROM YOU and YOUR OWN WORDS! #IOOW

So would you accept to share a few minutes of your time and honesty, through this quick survey, to tell me more about 3 things:

1. the most urgent matter you would like to change in your life, at the moment?
2. the method you use to deal with it now?
3. your biggest Dream for tomorrow and for the rest of your future?

Thank you, for your investment in yourself and in more honesty for fulfilling peace...

*H O N E S T Y Musango, a social business for Peace, born in Melbourne, the land of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin nation* committed to protect and not share any of your private information*
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Honestly yours,
Adriana - H First Lover!
It all starts with a Dream of living for Peace and Wellbeing...
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