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The Allies for Racial Equity Steering Committee is transitioning to a decentralized leadership model, and adopting consensus decision-making processes in order to disrupt white supremacy in ARE's anti-racism work.

Team-of-Teams (ARE Leadership Collective) Candidate
~ Identifies as white
~ Identifies as UU
~ Is a member of ARE
~ Is able to commit 6 hours per month, or more to ARE initiatives
~ Has the prerequisite skill-set to fulfill responsibilities
~ Is committed to the ARE mission and the ARE Steering Committee mission
~ Is grounded in anti-racist understanding and its ongoing development
~ Is dedicated to shared leadership, mentorship, team building & empowerment

Please indicate the teams you would like to be on, where your primary focus will be, and whether you might consider assuming a leadership (organizing) role. Team responsibilities are listed in the above document.

Administrative Group Teams: (Leads are (s)elected by the Steering Committee)
Organizing Team
Tech Support Team
Finance Team

Lead Liaisons are also (s)elected by the SC)
Liaison & Representation Team (Primary & Default Spokespeople & Representatives)

The remaining Teams require a minimum of 2 Leads per team, one Laity & one Clergy, which are (s)elected by the individual Teams for intervals of their choosing.
Internal Life & Support Team (Dedicated & Consistent Organizational Health Guides)
Communications & Promotions Team (Primary & Default Writers & Message Crafters)
Social Media & ARAO Advocacy Team (Dedicated & Consistent Social Media Presence)
Membership & Outreach Team (Dedicated & Consistent Member “Recruiters” )
Education & Resources Team (Primary & Dedicated Resource Developers)
Consultancy & Connection Team (Primary & Dedicated Assessors & Advisers)
Events & Actions Team (This is where we keep our logistics folks! :D )

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Organizing Team
Tech Support Team
Finance Team
Liaison & Representation Team
Internal Life & Support Team
Communications & Promotions Team
Social Media & ARAO Advocacy Team
Membership & Outreach Team
Education & Resources Team
Consultancy & Connection Team
Events & Actions Team
My priority is to work with the *
this is the Team I would hold primary accountability with
I would like to begin *
I am *
Additional Information
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