10th US HABs workshop registration portal
Thanks for your interest in attending our planned workshops at the 10th US HABs symposium in beautiful Orange Beach, AL, on Sunday, 3 November 2019. You can find the full schedule of events at http://ushabs.com/imgs/workshops.png
Please register for a workshop here. Two workshops have a small fee that can be paid at https://mell-base.uce.auburn.edu/wconnect/CourseStatus.awp?&course=C191103B&Publish=ANYWAY


(1) Thinking outside the box: Career options and strategies for new graduates and early career scientists; Time: 4:00pm-5:45pm; Conveners: Panel of scientists with various backgrounds and perspectives, reach out to Alan Wilson (wilson@auburn.edu) with questions; Cost per participant: FREE; Limited to 30 graduate and undergraduate students and postdocs.

(2) Communicating HAB Science; Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm; Conveners: Mindy Richlen (mrichlen@whoi.edu), Tim Davis, and Holly Bowers; Cost per participant: FREE; Limited to 30 participants; Description: This two-hour panel discussion is open to HAB researchers at all levels who are interested in learning more about communicating their research to non-scientific audiences, including the general public, policy makers, and journalists. Panelists will include HAB scientists that are actively engaged in communicating with diverse audiences, and topics will include public communication during bloom events, leveraging social media, translating scientific findings for non-technical audiences, and engaging policy makers and reporters. Please join us for a discussion with your peers of the complexities and challenges of science communication!  

(3) The theory and process of running the CyanoDTec and DinoDTec assays to detect toxic cyanobacteria or dinoflagellates, respectively; Time: 8:00am-5:00pm; Conveners: Mark Van Asten (mark@phytoxigene.com) from Diagnostic Technology; Cost per participant: TBD; Limited to 18 current participants.

(4) Imaging FlowCytobot; Time: 8:30am-4:30pm; Conveners: Lisa Campbell (lisacampbell@tamu.edu), D. Henrichs (Texas AM University); Ivory Engstrom, Vinnie Ferreira (McLane Research Labs); Cost per participant: $50; Lunch included!; Limited to 20 current users, open to IFCB users of all levels; Workshop goals: Discuss the recent updates to IFCB and issues with working with the IFCB.

(5) Marine and freshwater phytoplankton identification; Time: 9:00am-12:00pm; Conveners: Alan Wilson (wilson@auburn.edu) and Alison Robertson; Cost per participant: FREE; Limited to 20 participants; Participant are encouraged to bring cultures and natural samples.

If you have questions about specific workshops, please connect with the specific workshop organizer. If you have general questions about the workshops or conference, please reach out to Alan Wilson (wilson@auburn.edu).

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