Behind the Scenes Tour of the Museum of Science Popnology Exhibit
We have arranged a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum of Science Popnology exhibit at 4pm on Friday. The guide, Grace, will meet you at the exhibit inside of MOS. You will still have to pay the entrance fee to get into the Museum, but note that MOS has reciprocal arrangements with many other science museums, in case you are a member at other places. The best way to get there from MIT is to take the Cambridgeside Galleria shuttle from Kendall Square, and then it's a short walk from the Galleria.

It's a special exhibit on the study of popular culture. However, somehow, they decided this means robots! The exhibit features a number of real robots, including a Baxter and several that you can teleoperate to pick up blocks and things, as well as toy robots through the ages, as well as fictional robots. It also includes one of the original DeLorians from the Back to the Future movies. My four year old really enjoyed it.

MOS is open until 9pm on Fridays and has a reasonably nice cafeteria on sight with a great view of the Charles River.

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