Intro to Story-based Strategy Training Application
The Intro Training is a full-day introduction to Story-based Strategy with no prerequisites.

This interactive session will provide participants with a practical framework to create powerful stories and hands-on tools for framing your issues. We will explore what it means to apply a “narrative power analysis” to social change work and share the Story-based Strategy approach for developing campaign narratives.This training is geared towards organizers looking to ground themselves in strong framing and communication strategies, as well as anyone working for progressive change who wants to become a more strategic storyteller and story-changer.

Please note, we tend to have more applicants than spaces available in our trainings. In our theory of change, we are currently prioritizing members of power-building groups and communities at the intersections of pollution, poverty, and race.

Training Details:
Monday, January 27, 2019
Oakland, CA

Application Deadline: Monday, November 25, 2019
Applicants will be notified by: Monday, December 9, 2019

For more information please visit:

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