REC Room Youth Employment Application
Thanks for your interest in joining the REC Room and Peer Educators at Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic! This application form will give us more information about you and why you want to work as a Peer Educator. Please carefully answer each question, read the information at the end, and don't forget to email your resume.

You can contact our Peer Education Coordinator, Tyler, if you have any questions:
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If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
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Tell us about your ability to work flexible hours: *
Can you work after school hours (3:45-6:30pm)? Our working hours change seasonally, so generally it's in that time frame. *
Could you work on a weekend if needed? (happens occasionally) *
This job requires you to work during school hours at times. Are you able to miss class occasionally? *
Which school hours could you be available to teach?
Do you have transportation to and from the REC Room? *
Education and Work History
Please tell us about any relevant experience! (Previous employment is not required for this position.)
Are you in school? *
If yes, which school and what year are you?
Do you have any volunteer or community service experience? *
If yes, please describe your service experience:
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Skills and Qualifications
Please tell us more about yourself and what you hope to contribute to the REC Room!
What special skills would you bring to this program? *
What do you want to gain from this position? (skills, knowledge, personal growth...) *
Why do you want to work as a Peer Educator? *
Is there any other information you would like us to know about you?
Please provide the name and contact information for two people who have worked with you previously or could give you a reference for this position. This should be an adult that you are not related to or a peer that can speak to your character.
1st Reference Name: *
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Please submit a resume with this application by emailing a PDF or Word document to Although a resume is required, you also have the option to submit a cover letter, or anything else you would like!
Thank You!
Thank you for applying to be a Peer Educator! We will try to contact you within the week, but if you don't hear from us after 5 business days please reach out. If we do not call you for an interview, you are still awesome! We are just looking for someone to balance our team and your skills may be similar to someone already working for us. You are welcome to apply again in the future!
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