Government Polytechnic Barauni, Begusarai
Diploma Computer Science & Engineering ( Semester -VI)
Subject: Visual Basic
Class Test
Answer all the questions.
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Visual Basic is a tool that allows you to develop application in………… *
Properties can be viewed in two ways *
What is the correct statement when declaring and assigning the value of 100 to an Integer variable called numPeople *
IDE stands for………….. *
Option Explicit requires you to declare every variable before its use. *
A variable declared inside an event procedure is said to have *
Which windows displays a list of all forms and modules making up your application *
…………. is a group of controls that share the same name and type. *
What is the proper syntax when using a message dialog box? *
Which window shows information that results from debugging statements in our code *
Full Name (in capital letter) *
In GUI , ……….. is a means of selecting one of several options. *
The form module has file extension................... *
How many types of sequential circuits are? *
Mobile No. *
The Properties window plays an important role in the development of Visual Basic applications. It is mainly used *
Visual Basic responds to events using which of the following? *
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