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Use this form to request equipment/resources, labs, help, and library space. Please wait for an email confirmation before assuming the request has been honored. Feel free to visit us instead of filling out this form, but understand that we may not be able to help you at the moment you visit:)

Please try to give us at least 24 hrs of notice.

Labs and carts should NOT be part of a sub lesson plan. If you are going to have a sub, you will need to reschedule your day. Please check with the library if you think your case is an exception.

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Who is this request for? If you are filling this out for an entire department, put everyone's name. We will need this information so we can put you on the schedule. We will also need to email you for confirmation and any questions we may have about your request.
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If you don't see your need listed, choose "Other" and explain what you need. If you aren't sure it is something we can do, ask anyway. We can always steer you in the right direction. Specify equipment needs, lesson ideas, or any other information that will allow us to better help you in the "Purpose" category. When planning lessons, remember that labs and WOW carts are not to be included in sub plans.
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Please list the dates. If you are requesting help, when is a good time to meet?
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If you are requesting help, let us know which periods you have free. If you are requesting space before or after school, please put specifics in the Purpose section.
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Why do you need this? We ask this in case we have resources that help with your lesson. It might also help us to know if you need a very quiet space for your students for testing. We want to be as helpful as possible.
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**Please note: We make no guarantees. We do, however, promise to try our hardest.**
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