FABULOUS Faculty/Staff Nomination 2018
This is a short nomination form to recognize a faculty or staff person who has been FABULOUS here at the University of Arizona. The Office of LGBTQ Affairs will present this award at our Rainbow Graduation on May 5th at 4pm in the Gallagher Theater. You can nominate as many people as you would like, but please fill out a different form each time.
What department or area does your nominated person work in?
For example, Gender and Women's Studies department, or in the Dean of Student's Office.
What is the full name of your nominated person?
Please put title (if applicable), first name, and last name. For example, a past award recipient is Dr. Eric Plemons
Why is this person FABULOUS?
Let us know why you think this person should get this award.
What is the email or contact info of your nominated person?
For example, example@email.arizona.edu. This helps us get in touch with them to ensure that they are there to receive the award.
Is there anything else you would like to add to this nomination?
Would you be open to introducing your nominee if they are to receive the award?
If so, please include your name and email below. If not, no worries!
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