Vancoufur 2020 Variety Show Sign Up
We are looking for acts for our Variety Show! Actors, musicians, singers, dance, etc! Got a talent you want to share? Please apply! (Make sure your content and any accompanying music is PG!)

Please submit your application before 11:59pm March 3rd, otherwise you may be subject to a waiting list.

ALL participants MUST check in to the Variety show Rehearsal (at-con) to verify their participation and guarantee their spot in the event. If you missed sign up you can come to Rehearsal to sign up if there is space.
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Equipment Needs/Requests
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Lighting Needs/Requests
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If so, describe in the simplest manner what kind of light effects you need, and we will do our best to figure how to accommodate you. *
ex : "I require a spot light to follow me as I perform" or "I want some colored lights to flash before I come on stage."
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Music or Audio Needs/Requests
We can accept ONLY following formats for music:
- CD
- CD with MP3 (mp3 has to be 128kbps, 44kHz at minimum)
- MP3 on USB flash drive

We reserve the right to refuse to play songs of poor audio quality or that are not in mp3 format.. Music MUST be submitted by rehearsal at the latest.
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Sorry NO youtube
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