Suspended Driver's Licenses in Texas
This is a survey by Texas Appleseed ( to gather information about driver's license suspensions for failure to pay fines and fees in Texas. We will use the information to advocate for a change to the existing state law, so that driver's licenses are no longer suspended when people cannot pay their fines or fees. None of the information you provide will be shared with your name or identifying information unless we get your express permission. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you for participating!
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Is your driver's license currently suspended or has it been suspended in the past? *
If you answered yes to #5, why?
If your license was suspended as a result of a traffic ticket, what was the reason for your traffic stop?
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Were you given options to reinstate your license?
If you were given options what were they?
Are you currently employed?
Do you use a car to drive to or from work?
What other places do you have to drive to on a regular basis (for example, school, daycare, doctor's office, etc.)?
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Please describe anything you want us to know about your situation, such as the impact the suspension has had on your life.
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What is your annual household income?
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