Sign The Petition For a Responsible UCSC Growth Plan
The proposed UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) for 2021-2040 presents a critical opportunity for the University to finally address the on and off-campus impacts caused by irresponsible growth. Responsibility begins with UCSC making substantive and legally enforceable commitments to provide the necessary housing and infrastructure that will permit UCSC students, faculty, and staff to succeed, and that will maintain the well-being of the community-at-large over the next 20 years.

UCSC’s proposed plan includes a 44% increase in enrollment by 2040. However, unless the University provides the critically important investments that are necessary to meet the needs of their students, the off-campus community, and to protect the environment, the University's proposed growth will have devastating consequences for everyone who calls Santa Cruz home.

Specifically, we are concerned that:

1. Despite the growing intensity of our local housing crisis, UCSC is planning to enroll an additional 8,500 students by 2040 - for a total of 28,000 students- without a legally binding commitment to provide additional housing or to tie enrollment growth to the production of housing and necessary academic infrastructure.

2. Despite the catastrophic fires the Santa Cruz community experienced just a year ago, UCSC is planning for 43% of the additional student housing and 8% of the additional academic and support space to be developed in the UCSC North Campus which is a CalFire designated High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, without updating emergency or evacuation plans.

3. Despite the ambitious climate action goals set by the University of California, UCSC's proposed plan shows an increased reliance on natural gas. Additionally, UCSC will depend on the purchase of thousands of metric tons of carbon offsets in order to meet state-wide emission reduction goals. Emissions from construction are expected to exceed regional air quality standards by 11%.

4. Despite the unparalleled educational, research, and environmental benefits that the Campus Natural Reserve provides for students, faculty, staff and wildlife, UCSC will not designate it as a permanent reserve, ineligible for development (except for educational and preservation uses) in perpetuity.

By adding your name to this petition you are joining a strong local coalition of community members, students, alumni, faculty, staff, and local elected officials in our fight for a responsible growth plan for UC Santa Cruz that makes the following legally binding commitments:

1. To house 100% of additional students, faculty, and staff beyond 19,500 on campus;

2. To tie any increase of the campus population to additional housing and infrastructure, which will be provided prior to or concurrent with enrollment increases;

3. To designate the UCSC Campus Natural Reserve as a permanent reserve, ineligible for development in perpetuity, except to support the uses of recreation, research, environmental conservation, and scientific education;

4. To adhere to or exceed the strictest greenhouse gas emission targets and air quality standards, whether they be statewide, regional, and/or UC-specific.

5. To refrain from development in North Campus, which is in a CalFire designated High Fire Hazard Severity Zone and curtail enrollment accordingly.

Please help us get the word out and share this campaign on your social media platforms. Thank you to everyone who is helping in our fight to get responsible UCSC growth.

To view the official petition that will be sent to the Regents of the University of California, please go to and click "View Full Petition".

This petition is sponsored by The Santa Cruz City-County Task Force on UCSC Growth Plans | |

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