Instrument Locker Request

After submitting this form, you will be assigned an instrument storage locker on the basement level of Booker Hall. Your specific locker number and the combination for its lock will be sent to you via email from Ms. Smalley, Department of Music Administrative Coordinator.
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Instrument Locker Terms of Agreement
I agree to use this locker for storing only music-related and small personal items: instruments, instrument accessories, sheet music, books.

I understand that food should not be stored in this locker unless it is inside a closed, air-tight container.

I agree to remove all personal instruments and other items stored in this locker by the end of the current academic year or before leaving campus at the end of the spring semester.

I understand that any personal items left in this locker after the May commencement ceremonies may be discarded.

By checking the box below, I attest that I have read and accept the Terms of Agreement as outlined above. *
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