The 7th Annual Symposium of Tzu Chi Academy: Prevention and translation of cancer research



1. 尺寸為A0直式(80 cm寬 * 110 cm高),字型大小24級以上。
2. 請於師生學術日當天演講前一天下午4點後,於活動場地外圍依據編號張貼海報,請於學術日結束後當天拆除領回。

1. 依各組參賽人數及分數,頒發獎金如下:


2. 本所另安排頒獎日,請獲獎研究生到場領獎。

The Annual Symposium of Tzu Chi Academy 2017
–Student Poster Prizes Guidelines

The 7th Annual Symposium of Tzu Chi Academy will be held on the 6th of September, 2017. The Student Poster Competition honors the best student posters presented at the conference. This event is judged by the faculty from the Institute of Medical Sciences.

The prizes (see the table below) will be awarded to the best posters judged based on the content of the poster, the quality of the visual display of information on the poster, and the ability of the student to successfully and succinctly present the subject matter in the poster. Poster presenters must be current students from the Institute of Medical Sciences.

Guidelines for Poster Preparation:

1.The entire poster must be mounted on a 80 cm 110 cm foam-core board. The poster does not necessarily have to fill the entire working area.
2.The board must be oriented in the "portrait" position (long dimension is vertical).
3.Use a minimum font size of 24 points for text.
4.The posters will remain up the full day. Poster presenters should set up the posters in the evening (after 4: 00 p.m.) one day before the conference, and take them off right after the end of the conference. Please be sure to set up your poster on the appropriate poster board.

Grouping Awards
Program of Basic Sciences & Program of Clinical Medical
The first prize: NT 5,000
The second prize: NT 3,000
The third prize: NT 2,000

Program of Health Sciences
The first prize: NT 5,000
The second prize: NT 3,000

The awards will be given in the semester 1061.

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