Cupid's Kitchen Order Form
Please order by Friday night for Monday delivery and order by Wednesday night for Friday delivery. If you live on the SFS campus, I can deliver to your apartment if you give me your address. Otherwise, I will leave your hummus in the SFS Elementary School counselors' refrigerator with your name on it. For KKFS, I will bring it to your room. Please put your classroom number in the delivery address field.

Special requests: If you would like less or more of any particular ingredient, please indicate in the Special Request field below. I can only fill special requests if you're ordering 2 or more containers. And I'm filling special requests on a trial basis because I can't handle more than a couple of variations. If you make a request and I can't fill it for whatever reason, I will let you know before delivery so you're not stuck with something you don't want.

Here is the full list of ingredients for my hummus:
- Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans
- Garlic
- Salt
- Water
- Lemon juice
- Tahini (lightly roasted sesame seed paste and vegetable oil)
- Extra virgin olive oil

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Each 250 gram container is ₩5,000. How many containers would you like?
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