YSESD Phase 2
Dear YSESD candidates,

We are pleased to inform you that the Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Project (YSESD) has received another grant from the Hollings Center for International Dialogue in Istanbul.  

Our intent is to hold a hybrid workshop later this year in Abu Dhabi and also have a "Demo Day" at the Hollings Center in Istanbul.  We also hope to have some good news for you soon about possible awards for participants who presented their projects in Phase 1 of the YSESD.

Having completed Phase 1, (YSESD) will continue its efforts to establish an international network of youth social entrepreneurs in the MENA region, Turkey and Pakistan.  In Phase 2 of the YSESD, youth social entrepreneurs will have access to a “talent platform” where they will be able to exchange ideas about potential start-ups or established social entrepreneurial ventures. YSESD participants will have the opportunity to engage with colleagues, receive mentoring from successful social entrepreneurs, and pitch their projects to potential investors through “youth social entrepreneurial ventures competitions”.

The YSESD 2022 program proposes to hold a two-part online workshop and one-part face-to-face conference during 2022. The YSESD Program, which consists of workshops, social entrepreneurship conference, and execution of a workshop for new participants, will be divided into Proof-of-Concept Stage, Social Entrepreneurship Conference & YSESD Demo day for project participants.

Our expectations from YSESD participants are as follows:
- Enroll to Y Combinator Startup School,
- Join our Discord Channel,
- Provide us periodic updates,
- Participate in YSESD Workshops,
- Register for the 2022 Youth, Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development Conference,
- Participate in the Hollings Center, Istanbul Demo Day (to be confirmed).

The YSESD project does not require any financial contribution by the participants since all activities are fully funded. Therefore, all participants will have the opportunity to join the project and its events through scholarship support. As space is limited, we suggest completing the application form as soon as possible. Detailed project information and a schedule of events will be shared with participants upon acceptance by the YSESD.

1. Proof-of-Concept Stage (Alumni of the YSESD Phase 1, and new youth social entrepreneurs)
• The participants will enroll in Y Combinator (World’s leading venture capital network) YC Startup School, which focuses on Product Market Fit, Business Models and KPIs (key performance indicators). The YC startup school will be conducted between early 2022. In addition, additional social enterprises which did not participate in YSESD 2021 program will also be invited to join the Proof-of-Concept Stage of YSESD.
• Y Combinator example curriculum includes
- How to Talk to Users by Eric Migicovsky
- How to Pitch Your Startup by Kevin Hale
- How to Plan an MVP by Michael Seibel
- All About Pivoting by Dalton Caldwell
The YSESD's 2022 Program will include acceleration, mentorship and evaluation, in addition to the YC Startup School to support social entrepreneurs who completed the first cohort to pilot their social entrepreneurship ideas.  Alumni of YSESD workshops, new participants and students from affiliated universities will learn from the Y Combinator Curriculum, collaborate during the workshops with the YSESD team to practice knowledge, networking with each other and receive mentorship. The new program will be a learning hub for the participants where they will learn how to accelerate their social enterprises and create an international support network from MENA, Pakistan, Turkey and United States.
The YSESD Reading List includes: Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It... and Why the Rest Don't, written by Verne Harnish.
• Participants will receive mentorship from the Core Team and Mentors and will report their progress monthly.
• The Proof-of-Concept Stage will be executed fully online.
• Some of the projects from YSESD's Phase 1 will be awarded small grants.

2. Youth Social Entrepreneurship Conference 2022 | Abu Dhabi, Online or Hybrid

The YSESD plans to host a proposed “best examples” conference on social entrepreneurship which will be convened in Abu Dhabi in 2022 (date to be confirmed). The conference will plan the project’s next phases with participants, alumni, core team, social entrepreneurs, and investors. Conference participants will include alumni, mentors, and external partners.

3. Demo Day at the Soho House, Istanbul (to be confirmed)

Please inform us if you are willing to participate in the YSESD's Phase 2 by completing the form below:

Both individuals and teams are encouraged to apply. Completing the form is mandatory for each team member to be considered for the YSESD's Phase 2.

Important dates:
1. Y Combinator Startup School (June - July 2022) | Online
2. Mentorship | Online
     - During YC Startup School: Every two weeks for 2 months (June - July)
     - After YC Startup School: Once a month for 4 months (August - November)
3. Abu Dhabi Conference (July 29 - August 1, 2022) | *Hybrid or online depending on pandemic
4. Istanbul Demo Day (Second week of October 2022) | *Hybrid
5. Weekly Entrepreneurship Topics on YSESD Discord Channel.
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