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Half Size Shares Feed 1-2 adults | Full Size Shares Feed 3-4
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Our roughly set days for the work-trade position are Mon-Wed 8am-12pm. These hours will extend to start earlier as the season gets warmer. And as we get to know you and your experience level we may be able to incorporate you into other parts of our work-flow on other days and times. We are subject to weather extremes in the field and may need to reschedule work days due to inclement weather. We will send out notification of work-day cancellations and rescheduling by the night before a scheduled shift. We will usually be working on something rain or shine!
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We have only a limited number of work-trade positions. Would you be interested in being placed on a waiting list or volunteering if we are unable to place you in a work-trade position? *
Please Read: Outline of Work-Trade Terms and Conditions:
We love creating community. This is our hope for our Work-Trade CSA Shares and our CSA Community in general. The work-trade position is different from a Traditional CSA share in that you are investing and exchanging your time and direct physical energy into the growing process alongside our family. You are not a hired employee and we only "pay in vegetables" however we make that value exchange as close to the equivalent of a living wage (~$15/hour) as possible. We need reliability and look for those who can commit to trading this work-for-share on a consistent weekly-basis throughout the season. We are fair & flexible but we request your commitment to treating this position like any other paid position. Our work-trade positions will not end in paid positions this year but that is always a possibility in the future as the farm grows into its own. We expect work-traders to be responsible for their own (and that of those they bring to visit) health, well-being and safety while on the farm and surrounding property. Our farm is off-grid and visitors will need to bring their own water, food, snacks, medications (if needed), and be comfortable using the "facilities in the woods" or walking to the front of the property to use the restroom. You will never be expected to do anything dangerous or beyond your physical ability.
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