Linn County Arts Guild Survey
Please help us by filling out a short survey. Your responses are anonymous and help us focus our advertising and plan for future events.
How often have you visited Linn County Arts Guild Gifts and Gallery?
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What was your purpose for visiting the gallery store?
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How easy was it to find the item(s) you were looking for?
very easy
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Our gallery store is an artist co-op. Did you interact with any of the artists when you were in the store?
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If you spoke to the artists, how would you rate the service you received?
No interaction
Friendly, helpful
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How would you best describe your shopping habits? (Check all that apply)
What type of art do you enjoy? (Check all that apply.)
Is there any type of art that you would love to see at the gallery store?
How do you hear about events happening at the gallery store? (Check all that apply.)
Are you a member of the Linn County Arts Guild?
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Part of our mission is to promote art in the local community. Have you heard our name associated with any local events?
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What event do you associate most with Linn County Arts Guild
Are you interested in taking art classes?
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What type of art class would you be interested in?
In your opinion, how can we better promote art in our local community?
Thank you for participating in our survey. If you would like to leave any other feedback, please do so in the space provided below.
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