Camp NAWIC Summer 2018
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RACIAL/ETHNIC IDENTITY (OPTIONAL) Creating a multiracial group of campers that reflects Maryland communities is a camp priority. In addition, some of our funders require that the racial/ethnic and economic composition of our camp population be documented. Providing the following information will help us meet our goal of being a multiracial camp and help us continue to receive funding for future camp sessions.
Please check ANY AND ALL that apply, or write in your preferred identity.
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EXPRESS YOURSELF (REQUIRED) - We ask that you take some time and communicate why you wish to be a part of Camp NAWIC. You may choose how to express yourself. Some ideas: write a letter, draw a picture, make a collage, record or write a song or poem, etc. This is simply a way to focus your attention on why you want to participate. Please do not think of this like an essay for school—have fun with it! We also need to get to know you; your instructors and counselors will be able to see your “Express Yourself” piece and get to know a bit about you before camp starts. Please make sure your piece has your first and last name on it! You can upload a file using google or send an email to If you are sending a picture, video or other format of expression. In the subject line [YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME] EXPRESS YOURSELF PIECE - CAMP NAWIC 2018
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