Sport and Recreation - Volunteer Organization of the Year Nomination Form
The Kawartha Lakes Sport and Recreation Council (KLSRC) exists because of the forward-thinking vision of CKL community leaders in sport and recreation. The group’s goal is to promote the area’s sport and recreation offerings, and to increase accessibility, encourage healthy, active living and support the growth of sport and recreation in the City of Kawartha Lakes. The work of the KLSRC is guided by five guiding principles, which the group refers to as its pillars: collaboration, communication, advocacy, inclusion, and physical literacy.

Volunteer organizations are integral to the provision of quality sport, recreation, and active living opportunities. As a sector, sport and recreation has the highest number of volunteers in Canada. There are 33,649 not-for-profit sport and recreation organizations in Canada; 95% of these are at the community level. The City of Kawartha Lakes has a long and proud history of sport and recreation provided by volunteer-driven community organizations.

Annually, the KLSRC gives the Volunteer Organization of the Year award to an organization that works to promote, enhance and/or support opportunities for active participation in the City of Kawartha Lakes. Organizational contributions are assessed for strength of alignment with KLSRC values.

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