TNDP Declaration of Candidacy Form, 2020 Democratic National Convention Delegate
This Declaration of Candidacy form must be submitted BY THE FOLLOWING DEADLINE:
February 20, 12:00pm Noon, Central time– for Congressional District Delegates
March 27, 12:00pm Noon, Central time – for Pledged Party Leader/Elected Official Delegates and At-Large Delegates

Tennessee Democrats wishing to become 2020 DNC Convention Delegates must:
• Be registered to vote in Tennessee before February 3, 2020.*
• File this Declaration of Candidacy form with the TNDP Office by the indicated deadlines.
• Vote in the March 3, 2020 Democratic Presidential Preference Primary.*

(*Those born between March 4, 2002 and November 3, 2002 (inclusive) will be 18 by the general election and are exempt from the registration and primary voting requirements for delegate selection participation.)
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