Living Earth House Roommate Questions
Before requesting a showing please fill out this form. This is for the room for rent at Living Earth House, 605 Newton St, Denver CO 80204. Joy Burton (she/her pronouns) 303-478-8814. If we seem like a good fit, after touring the house we do ask for a background check through TransUnion Smart Move.

If there's anything you are not comfortable sharing before we meet and decide to move forward, just skip it.

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What's your name? Do you have a nickname/preferred name? Feel free to share your pronouns if you like. *
Phone number *
Your age
What do you do for a living? Do you work from home at all? How long have you been at your current position?
Rental History: What is your current living situation, and how long you have been there. *
Rental History: What is the contact info for a good rental reference? *
Why are you moving? *
Have you ever been late paying rent or have you ever been evicted or asked to leave? Please explain. It's not a disqualifier but honesty goes a long way with us. *
You would be subletting a room from Living Earth, an eco-spiritual nonprofit, who is the primary renter of the house. Have you looked up and to view Living Earth’s events and read about who we are and what we do? *
As you can see at the above websites, Living Earth holds family friendly small classes, drum circles, and spiritual ceremonies in the studio building out back, in the back yard. When these happen, folks may need to use the restroom and we'll use the kitchen on occasion to get water, wash potluck dishes, or plug in a crock pot. This ends up being 1-3 events per month, perhaps a max of 10 hours a month total with around 2-15 people. All roommates have access to a shared calendar of events which are always scheduled weeks in advance. Most of what we do is online at the moment, and bigger events are at a public park instead of at the house. NO requirement or pressure to participate in any way. Everyone is vaccinated. How would you feel about having community events like this at the house?
We require first month’s rent ($650) plus $650 refundable deposit up front. Can you pay this amount at the time of lease signing? *
What length of term are you looking for in a lease?
What is your definition of clean? Are you willing to spend 1-2 hours a week doing household chores (some outdoor yard stuff) divided evenly among roommates? We do have biweekly maid service for the common areas.
Do you have a car, and if so are you OK with street parking only? *
Living Earth House is a drug-free house with no marijuana and no smoking allowed. Some roommates enjoy a little alcohol in moderation. Can you live with this, and enjoy this lifestyle? Please answer with more than a yes or no answer. *
We are seeking positive, emotionally and mentally stable people who want to be a part of a community living arrangement. It’s probably not the best place for those with any social phobias or anxiety, PTSD, or depression/bipolar or other conditions that require a more private living environment or special accommodations for your needs. What can you tell us about your temperament, preferences, abilities, or character that would make this a good place for you to be comfortable and thrive? *
Living Earth House welcomes diversity. What can you tell us about yourself that would make you a good fit for this living situation?
How often do you have guests over? What is comfortable for you regarding overnight guests?   *
When do you sleep and work? When would you expect quiet hours? *
How do you feel about being social vs being more of an introvert? *
Do you have anything in your history that would come up on a criminal background check? Please explain. *
What would you like to share about your personality, your religious or political beliefs, hobbies, or interests? What makes you unique? *
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