Georgia Optometric Association: Girl Scouts Vision Awareness Patch Program
There are thousands of participants in Girls Scouts programs across our state, with involvement starting at the kindergarten level. Many girls remain involved up to and through high school.

As doctors of optometry, you know more than anyone that clear and comfortable vision is imperative to help ensure a child’s ability to learn, which can only be assessed through a comprehensive eye exam.

A new Vision Awareness patch program, created by the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians, will soon be available in Georgia. This can help us reach the thousands of children in scouting, and reinforce the importance of eye exams to not just the children, but parents, caregivers, and scout leaders.

This outreach is also an opportunity to introduce careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), most importantly the profession of optometry.

Our state association is making materials and suggested activities available to you and your staff to reach out to Girl Scouts, and their parent leaders and other volunteers, to introduce the program.

One of the first activities for earning the patch is visiting a local doctor of optometry’s office. With the appropriate platform, you can do this virtually with your phone, tablet or laptop in lieu of in-person visits. You can connect with local Girl Scout troops by discussing this program with your patients who have children active in Girl Scouts or by visiting each organization’s regional/metropolitan council which covers your area. From there, you can work together to identify the closest troops to your office.

The GOA is creating a list of practices throughout the state to provide to the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia that would be open to hosting a virtual or in-person visit with troops so they may earn their vision awareness patch.
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