Self Defense for Self Determination
Thank you for your interest in Self Defense for Self Determination: Intro to Self Defense and De-escalation Strategies.

This workshop will be led by Mamie Chow, who holds a 3rd degree black belt from Wild Crane Rising Martial Arts, a community-based school that trains in a contemporary style of Tae Kwon Do.

Upcoming workshops will feature:
-Increasing your awareness and confident body language
-Practicing verbal boundary-setting
-How to stay calm in stressful, potentially dangerous situations
-What to do when you see someone else getting harassed
-Important things to consider in assessing whether or not to get involved
-De-escalation strategies
-Practicing verbal de-escalation
-A range of physical tactics (such as using everyday items in your bag to protect yourself, defensive blocks and strikes)

When: Sun 4/15, 5-27m
Where: Putnam Main Lounge at Unit 1 (2650 Durant Ave)

For Disability Related accommodations, please visit ACCESS.BERKELEY.EDU

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