Studio Blue Video Transfer Service
Thank you for trusting Studio Blue with your memories!

Please use the form below to place your order. Note that payment in full is required to begin your project. Following completion of this form, you will receive an email/invoice to confirm your order and a prompt to schedule a time to drop off your videos locally.


Terms & Conditions:
- I understand it is my responsibility to review and read the terms and conditions and ask any questions I deem necessary.

- All videos are converted and uploaded online to Google Drive for private viewing and downloading for a duration of six months. Videos can be downloaded and/or viewed by the customer at any time during that six month period. In Google Drive, Studio Blue, LLC employs two-factor authentication and takes every measure to ensure the safety of your files, however as with any online service, the possibility of a third party accessing files is miniscule, but it remains. Upon receiving the finished product, clients are encouraged to back up all video files at least two or three times (i.e. downloaded to a computer, a flash drive, and an external hard drive).

- Studio Blue, LLC’s handling of tapes is without warranty or liability. Studio Blue, LLC takes pride in providing the utmost care for Clients’ tapes and family memories, however, on rare occasions, tapes may not work or tapes may be blank. In the unlikely event Studio Blue, LLC’s equipment becomes faulty and damages a Client’s tape, Studio Blue, LLC will make every attempt to repair the tape and continue the process. However, if the tape is damaged beyond repair, Studio Blue, LLC will not be held liable. Studio Blue, LLC will refund the digitizing cost of that tape and mail it back to Client, shipping paid by Studio Blue, LLC.

- In the event that a Client’s tape has significant glitches and errors while playing, Studio Blue, LLC may not be able to convert that content; subsequently, Client will not be charged for the specific damaged tape(s). It will be up to Studio Blue’s discretion to record or not.

- Though Studio Blue, LLC strives to provide the very best quality product possible, we do not warrant that all services provided will be entirely error-free and/or that all defects will be corrected.

- Studio Blue, LLC will not be liable for lost, damaged tapes delivered through mail carriers. 

- Studio Blue, LLC takes family privacy very seriously. We do not share images or clips. Tapes are initially viewed to start the digitizing process, then viewed to stop. We do not watch videos throughout the entire process of digitization. However, for quality control reasons, we do random quality control checks on the videos to ensure good digitization. If you prefer that we refrain from performing such checks, please advise us in writing.

- Studio Blue, LLC reserves the right to deny services based on video content that is deemed illegal or inappropriate. In the event such services are denied, Client will be refunded digitizing costs for the flagged content. Client is responsible for return shipping costs.

- Studio Blue, LLC is not liable for any incidental, consequential, special, or punitive damages. This limitation of liability is effective regardless of breach of contract, legal scenarios or acts of God, catastrophe or natural disaster. Any unforeseen and external occurrence or circumstance for which Studio Blue, LLC is not responsible and which is required for the performance of its obligations, then Studio Blue, LLC will not be not be liable for any such loss, damage, delay, or non-performance of services to the full extent excused under applicable law.

- By submitting an order, Client agrees that all provided media content is legal and not in violation of any copyright laws; materials submitted were either created by you or you have permission to duplicate and share the submitted content.

- Studio Blue, LLC reserves the right to amend the above terms at any time.

- By submitting this form, I completely agree to all terms and conditions.

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