LIT Ask Us Anything! - Career Edition (by Young NTUC)
While many things can be found on Google, there are still times we find ourselves lost at a crossroad, or feeling unsure if the decisions made will eventually affect our career path and progression negatively. There are of course also times we hope to get better clarity on certain career challenges faced in our workplaces, and to seek guidance and advice from fellow peers who have been there, done that. So feel free to drop us your top concerns, your burning questions (career related). Our pool of career guides and coaches, all experienced industry professionals will do our best to share tips, advice, pointers, and key lessons we have learnt.

Some of the past questions we have received:
- Is it ok to negotiate the salary package offered and how do I go about doing it?
- Does it reflect badly if I have been changing jobs frequently?

So ask away! We will release our replies via our Facebook page ( and our brand new Young NTUC Newsletter (Shared once every two months). :)
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