2018 #NCDECADiamond Team
Are you ready to cover every incredible part of this year’s North Carolina DECA Career Development Conference?

Are you prepared to fill your friends’ Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat feeds with the top stories and sights of the week? Can you interview industry professionals and capture dynamic presentations?

Then apply today for the #NCDECADiamond Social Media Team, the social media team that will be taking over Greensboro and sharing the best parts of the #NCDECACDC with all of North Carolina DECA.

The #NCDECADiamond Team members will be responsible for creating and distributing all the North Carolina DECA CDC news about various aspects of the conference, from opening and closing session speakers, to workshops and competitions.

Team members will also have to be constantly ready to share photos, videos, tweets and updates on all their social networking sites so that everyone in Greensboro and back home has the latest #NCDECACDC news at all times!

Written Application and Video Submission:
-Complete the NC DECA Social Media Correspondent Team application in full.
-Create a 15 second Instagram video explaining how you will make NC DECA members Stronger, Braver, Superior at the NC DECA CDC as a member of the team.
-Provide us with links to all of your social media pages.

-All team members will be registered and dues paying members of a North Carolina DECA chapter and registered to attended the 2018 North Carolina DECA Career Development Conference.
-Applicants must have approval from their chapter advisor.
-Applicants must follow NC DECA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
-All team members must be prepared to spend a minimum of two hours each day dedicated to team assignments.
-Each team member must submit 1 DECA Direct article about the 2018 NC DECA CDC after the conference on decadirect.org.
-Candidates running for the NC DECA State Action Team will not be considered.
-Candidates must make their social media pages public in order to be considered. Only those applications that uphold the character of North Carolina DECA will be considered.

The members of the 2018 #NCDECADiamond Team will be notified the beginning of March. All team members must attend a Google hangout prior to conference to be briefed on their responsibilities and duties for the conference.

The deadline to apply for the #NCDECADiamond Team is Sunday, February 25th, at 11:59 PM EST. Late applications will not be considered.

For questions about the #NCDECADiamond Team, please contact nick.edwards@ncdeca.org.

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