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During Fall 2020, Charlotte Pride will be making its final push to complete its Charlotte Pride History Project, an effort to collect and document the stories and experiences of LGBTQ elders, with a particular focus on older or longtime LGBTQ community members involved in Pride organizing and planning in the greater Charlotte metro area.

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We are currently still seeking:
• Story-tellers: LGBTQ-identified people with past or current involvement in LGBTQ Pride organizing and planning. Individuals are preferably age 55+ and with past or current longtime involvement in LGBTQ Pride organizing in the greater Charlotte metro area. Defined loosely, the metro area can include anywhere in the larger Western Piedmont of North Carolina.
• Story-collectors: LGBTQ-identified people with an interest in helping to collect, document, and share the stories provided by LGBTQ elders. Story-collectors are preferably age 35 or younger, though we have a particular goal of connecting young people with our elders in order to provide moments for inter-generational conversation and sharing. Current high school or college students may be eligible for extracurricular/volunteer, internship, independent study, or other credit with their school, and Charlotte Pride is happy to help coordinate with your school to ensure you get this credit.

What will the end-result of this project look like?
Once stories are collected, they will be compiled and submitted to be part of the LGBTQ Community History Archive and oral history collections at UNC Charlotte's J. Murray Atkins Library Special Collections. Your materials will also be used to help create an interactive online Charlotte Pride history exhibit on the Charlotte Pride website.

What if I have questions before submitting interest?
For any questions or clarifications, please email Matt Comer at
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