2021-2022 In-Person/Virtual Preference and Needs Survey
To help the School of Dreams Academy determine our needs for the coming school year, please complete and submit the following survey.
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How many students are in your household who will be attending the School of Dreams Academy in the upcoming school year? *
Student(s) Name *
What grade(s) will your student(s) be in for this upcoming school year? *
Will all of your students be returning to in-person learning for the 21-22 school year? *
If you answered Yes to the above question, Will you need bus transportation? *
If you are remaining virtual, do you have sufficient internet access in your home to allow each school-age child to complete internet-based homework assignments and/or to participate in online video classes simultaneously? *
If you are remaining virtual, do all of your student(s) have access to their own connected device to sufficiently participate in remote learning and/or complete homework all at the same time? *
If no, please list the student(s) who still need access to their own devices and their grade level. (Example: John Smith, 1st Grade) *
If only certain of your students will be attending and others will be virtual.  Please state who will be attending and who will be virtual, or state ALL will be attending or ALL will be virtual. *
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