World Commons Week (Oct 6–12, 2019) - Local Event Proposal Form
If you are interested in organizing a local World Commons Week 2019 event and connecting it to the other events going on during the week, please complete the below short event inventory form so we can map it and add this description to the WCW local events webpage.
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7. If you answered "Other" to Question 6, please describe your local event idea.
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9. Please provide a URL to a webpage or social media location for your event, if you have one. (If you do not have a URL, please provide an email that we can put with your local event information in case someone wants to contact you about the event.)
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10. On what date(s) during the week (October 6–12, 2019) will your event be occurring? (If you don't know, leave this question blank.)
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11. At what time (in your timezone) will your event be happening on that day?
12. Can we advertise your local event on the IASC World Commons Week website? *
13. We greatly appreciate your willingness to organize a local event as part of this global collective effort. But in order to an affiliated WCW local event, we have a few requirements. Please read each below and mark a check to each acknowledge your agreement. Thank you! *
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