National Audubon Society Birdability Birders’ Survey 2020
Help make birding more inclusive and accessible by sharing your experiences with us.
Purpose and background
Your answers to this survey will help Birdability better understand the barriers that can impact someone’s ability to participate fully when going birding. We hope you will share your experiences with us of birding and being a member of the birding community as someone who experiences accessibility challenges – barriers that prevent you from participating in birding as you would like.

We hope birders who have permanent or short-term mobility challenges, medical conditions, disabilities or other health concerns that interfere with their ability to participate in birding will complete this survey. We'll use this information to help inform and create more accessibility in birding by working to remove or modify these barriers. We hope to do this at the National Audubon level, at local Audubon chapters, at birding sites in North America and beyond, and in the birding community in general.

Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. Any contact details you provide will be kept confidential, except to clarify your experiences with you or invite you to get involved further. (You are welcome to complete this survey anonymously too.) Sharing your experiences with us will help us understand what sorts of things impact your ability to go birding. The more details you provide, the more effective and inclusive any changes we make will be.

Thank you for your help in making birding as inclusive, welcoming and accessible as possible for every birder!

This survey should only take you about 5-10 minutes to complete. Answers are due by December 15th 2020. Thanks!
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