This list includes competencies for researchers.

This summer the cohort will be working on improving three of these competencies.

Please review this list and rank your first three choices.

You will select only three competencies. Do this by selecting your first choice in the first column; your second choice in the second column, and third choice in the third column.

Choose only one competency per column.
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Pick the top 3 competencies, which you think would help you grow a researcher.
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#3 Choice
Expresses ideas in an organized, clear, concise, and accurate manner
Writes clearly and effectively in discipline-specific formats
Brings new insights to the problem at hand 3
Shows ability to approach problems from different perspectives
Effectively connects multiple ideas/approaches
Demonstrates the ability to work independently and identify when input, guidance and feedback are needed
Accepts constructive criticism and applies feedback effectively Displays high level of confidence in ability to meet challenges
Uses time well to ensure work gets accomplished and meets deadlines
Learns from and is not discouraged by set-backs and unforeseen events
Shows flexibility and a willingness to take risks and try again
Demonstrates ability to properly identify and/or generate reliable data
Displays a thorough grasp of relevant research methods and is clear about how these methods apply to the research project being undertaken
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