Public perception of science 2
Welcome to the second Public perception of science project from “TCIM” - TheCatalystInMe. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic I surveyed 149 people and now we're doing it again to see how public perception of science has changed . The main aim of this survey is to understand where people have got their Covid-19 information from and how that contributes to their perception of science as a whole or scientists as individuals.

By completing this survey you agreeing to me ( Adama) using the answers as part of a blog post and discussion content for future videos.

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Did you participate in the previous survey? ( Public perception in June/July 2020) *
How old are you? *
Location ( Country) *
Highest level of science education ( this can include a single science subject) *
Have you had Covid-19 ?
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Have you had the Covid-19 Vaccine ( one dose counts) *
If yes- Did you attend any talk or read additional information to make your decision?
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Could you name at least one source you trusted to inform your decision
Do you trust the scientists making the vaccines? *
Have you felt confused or overwhelmed with Covid-19 news headlines ? *
Do you check the source before you read information about Covid-19? *
Where did / do you most frequently visit for Covid-19 information? *
What was the most confusing source? *
What was most confusing about it? *
What was the most reassuring source? *
What was reassuring about it? *
Are there any specific social media accounts / people you would like to highlight? ( e.g accounts that were reassuring and gave you information in a format that you liked).
Have you ever heard of the term "infodemic management"? *
Have you recently participated in any surveys related to "infodemic management"? *
Have you had to convince people to take the vaccine ( You do not need to be vaccinated to answer this question)
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Do you understand the main purpose of the vaccine? *
What is the main purpose of the vaccine? ( describe in your own words) *
Has Covid-19 improved your understanding of the role of scientists? *
If yes above, which area of science has Covid-19 helped you further understand?
Has the pandemic changed your interest in science ? *
How many scientists did you follow before the pandemic? *
Have you followed more scientists as a result of the pandemic ? *
Do you trust the scientific process ( from discovery to development and implementation?) *
Looking into the future regarding the pandemic what are your main concerns? *
Any additional comments regarding Covid-19 or vaccines and your perception of science?
Would you like to receive updates on the outcome of this survey?
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Do you follow any of TCIM ( @thecatalystinme) socials *
If yes to the above question, has TCIM helped you better understand Covid-19 related headlines?
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Please expand on posts you found most useful from TCIM in the past year related to Covid-19.
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