2017-18 WHSAA Swimming and Diving Rules Exam
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1. At the start of the 100 backstroke, the referee notices a medical alert bracelet taped to the wrist on the swimmer in Lane 5. The swimmer is disqualified. *
2. The duties of the meet committee do NOT include: *
3. In the individual medley, when changing from one stroke to another, the rules for the completion of each stroke shall be: *
4. If a swimmer elects to swim backstroke in a freestyle event, which of the following starting methods CANNOT be used? *
5. In the breaststroke, the stroke and turn official observes a swimmer who moves his/her hands in a sculling motion at the end of the first arm stroke. The official shall: *
6. When should the referee schedule a swim-off? *
7. In a swim-off for the 200-yard medley relay, who may be a participant? *
8. A swimmer places a towel over the starting platform for the start of an event. *
9. During the 200-yard individual medley, the referee discovers the starting platform in Lane 5 has become loose and is not securely attached to the deck. The host team is unable to repair the platform. The referee requires all swimmers in all lanes to use the deck or in-water start for the remainder of the meet. *
10. Prior to the meet, the coach shall verify with the meet referee that all his/her competitors are legally attired. *
11. When one or more swimmers have obtained an unfair advantage at the start, the race shall: *
12. Rules regarding pool dimensions, markings and/or construction: *
13. When the meet referee determines water conditions do not meet rule specifications: *
14. A legal uniform may consist of two caps. *
15. A competitor wearing a small digital device completes his/her race. The referee shall: *
16. Before the long whistle, the referee notices swimmer "A" wearing tape on both knees. The referee shall: *
17. A competitor shall be disqualified from an event for: *
18. Electronic devices shall not be used to verify or review officials' decisions made during the meet. *
19. The penalty for unsporting conduct is to: *
20. Turn judges shall: *
21. Swimmer A, using the forward start, comes down, grabs the block, becomes stationary, then leaves before the starting signal. Swimmers B and C dive into the water because of Swimmer A's movement. The start signal was never sounded. The false start is charged to: *
22. Dive 103 B, Forward 1 1/2 SS Pike is announced. The diver performs the dive and enters feet first. Judge A awards a 6, Judge B awards a 5.5 and Judge C awards a "0." Which is correct? *
23. There are 33 swimmers in the prelims of an event at a championship meet held in an eight-lane pool. How many swimmers are in Heat #1, Heat #2, Heat #3, Heat #4 and Heat #5? *
24. The changing of a swimsuit is not permitted in which area? *
25. A referee notices a swimmer using a towel to change swimsuits on the deck. What action should the referee take? *
26. The referee determines there is a timing malfunction in Lane 5. The referee should: *
27. While reviewing dive sheets, the referee notices a diver has listed dive 5337 D on his/her sheet. The diving referee: *
28. A diver walks to the end of the board and, in the process of assuming a starting position, loses her balance and takes a small step to regain her balance. The referee: *
29. A diver does three-step forward approach followed by a culminating hurdle and bounces twice on the end of the board. The referee: *
30. The final leg of the individual medley and the medley relay requires the swimmer to be: *
31. A diver lists the following dives on his diving scoresheet. Which dive is not permitted to be performed? *
32. In a championship meet, divers shall submit a diving scoresheet containing: *
33. For championship meets there shall be: *
34. Stroke inspectors shall: *
35. Prior to the start of the meet, the chief timer shall instruct each timer: *
36. The order of events for all meets shall be as follows: *
37. The ballot system requires: *
38. A consolation finalist: *
39. As a result of a swimmer in the championship heat withdrawing due to injury just prior to the championship finals, the swimmer that wins the consolation heat is: *
40. For relay takeoffs, a judge shall be assigned to observe: *
41. A diver receives two failed dives due to errors on the diving sheet. Because these are written errors, the diver is permitted to remain in the diving competition. *
42. Diving is not conducted at a pool because of inadequate water depth. The visiting team did not receive a written notice at least two weeks prior to the meet that diving would not be conducted due to inadequate water depth. Because of this, the visiting team shall be awarded points in proportion to its number of entries, and the host team will not score. *
43. During the first round of diving in a championship meet, it is discovered that the diver has only four dive groups represented in the first eight dives. Since this was not discovered prior to the competition, no action is taken. *
44. In championship meets, the diving referee may consult with a designated member of the judging panel concerning a possible failed dive. *
45. An in-water start must be used when the water depth is: *
46. Timing devices, whether manual, semiautomatic or automatic, shall be calibrated to: *
47. The withdrawal of a competitor from a specific event is called a: *
48. The meet management shall provide for a software operator who will: *
49. The referee shall signal by raising one hand over the head with open palm immediately upon discovering any swimming violation. , except on relay takeoffs and no-recall false starts using dual confirmation. *
50. In nonchampionships meets, the diving event must always be after the 50 freestyle. *
51. When water conditions do not meet rule specification, by prior mutual consent, coaches can agree to conduct the meet. *
52. A swimmer in the 50-yard freestyle swallows some water but continues to swim using the breaststroke. The swimmer finishes the race and should be disqualified for failure to maintain the freestyle stroke. *
53. After the start and after the turn, the butterfly swimmer is allowed one or more arm pulls and leg kicks under water. *
54. In backstroke, the body shall remain on the back to the degree the shoulders do not turn over beyond the vertical plane except while executing a turn. *
55. In a championship meet, a declared false start is the withdrawal of a competitor from a specific event. *
56. When there is no indication of timing malfunction, the pad time is official. *
57. An infraction/false start occurs when a swimmer: *
58. A race officially ends: *
59. A scratch is: *
60. The championship format can be used in the following meets: *
61. Dual confirmation for relay takeoffs is: *
62. The side judge observes a relay takeoff violation. The takeoff judge assigned to the lane does not confirm. Electronic relay judging equipment is not being used. The referee shall: *
63. The referee's authority begins as he/she is available on deck, which shall be: *
64. The dives to be performed (in any order) in the semifinal round of competition are: *
65. During an invitational meet using electronic timing and watches as backup, the electronic system shows the order of finish as 4-5-6-3-2-1. The referee, in his/her opinion, changes the order of finish to 5-4-6-3-2-1. Which is the correct procedure? *
66. A swimmer pushes off the pool bottom after mistakenly thinking the 500-yard freestyle had concluded. The swimmer pushed off the bottom vertically and gained no forward momentum. The swimmer should: *
67. Shaving is permitted on-site in the following location: *
68. Team personnel may use electronic devices to: *
69. In a championship meet, each team shall be permitted a maximum of: *
70. For the 400-meter/500-yard freestyle event in a dual meet, the host school management realizes that they only have six sets of lap-counting devices. There are eight lanes and eight swimmers entered. The referee should: *
71. The host team backstroke flags are old and some lanes only have two pennants above the lane. The referee shall: *
72. The starting signal should be loud enough to ensure a fair start. It is recommended that the starting signal: *
73. For a championship meet the side takeoff judge may observe a violation of the takeoff of a departing swimmer. The side judge shall: *
74. A proper recall device in a swim meet is: *
75. The maximum height of the top front edge of the starting platform with water depth of 4 feet or more at the point of entry is: *
76. In a dual meet at a six-lane pool, the number of diving entries shall be: *
77. The announcer announces Dive 302A. The diver requests a change to tuck position because of an error and will perform a: *
78. When the diver and coach sign the diving sheet and turn it in to the diving referee, it confirms: *
79. In championship meets, the meet director shall determine the order of diving: *
80. In dual meets, divers will be allowed: *
81. The order of divers in a dual meet shall be determined by: *
82. A false start occurs when a swimmer: *
83. A swimmer may start a race in the water if he/she: *
84. The turn judge shall: *
85. The head lane timer shall do which of the following during the meet? *
86. Unless determined otherwise by a state association policy, a suspended meet is resumed from the point of suspension with: *
87. A competitor shall be disqualified from an event and the rest of the meet for: *
88. An official may not use tobacco: *
89. Taunting is considered: *
90. When a spectator becomes unruly at a meet, the referee shall: *
91. State associations may determine meets that shall be considered as culminating meets which utilize the championship format. The championship format prescribes specific rules. All rules apply except: *
92. Using starting block wedges for relay takeoffs is acceptable when: *
93. The forward approach of a diver may consist of: *
94. Which of the following is not a proper sequence for a lap counter when the competitor makes each turn at the starting end of the pool: *
95. What items are NOT acceptable in a visual lap counting system: *
96. A lap counting system may not utilize: *
97. Culminating meets, utilizing a championship meet format, may now be determined by: *
98. In relay events, the second, third and fourth swimmers: *
99. In championship meets: *
100. Consistent language has been established for all NFHS sports that describe what information is permitted on the uniform. Not permitted is: *
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