SiLA 2 Hackathon #19 Registration (at TU Berlin, Germany)
This hackathon is going to be all about SiLA 2. We especially invite interested parties with no previous knowledge of SiLA to join this event. Come and hear about what the standard is, and how important SiLA and AnIML are for the digitalized lab of the future.

We welcome both technical and non-technical staff to join us.

For non-technical staff, this will be an ideal opportunity to learn about how the standard can help you in the lab and make your daily work easier.

For technical staff, you have the chance to actively help to develop the standard, to hack, try out SiLA and AnIML enhanced equipment, to talk to our technical experts, and much more.
Don’t miss out and reserve your seat for this free event today!

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Friday, March 6th, 2020 -- 09:00 - 17:00
TU Berlin, FG Bioverfahrenstechnik, Z26, Ackerstraße 76, 13355 Berlin, Germany
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